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Prosperity beyond GDP

Year 11 student Arina (a student at another school, not the one I teach at) contacted me today...

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Can the UK afford the royal family?

Our friends Gavin and Pete from the outstanding podcast Economics in Ten have kindly shared this guest blog...

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Your dinner is in the supply chain!

In an act of blatant plagiarism I have sourced the title for today's post from a Newman cartoon...

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Beware Economists!

BEWARE ECONOMISTS!  In these crazy ‘unprecedented’ covid-19 economic times, it is worth remembering the words of John...

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See Economics everywhere!

I’ve always enjoyed economic theory for its own sake – and I do still have friends! The logic...

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On track for success?

What do you do with a market that doesn’t lend itself to competition? The issue of natural monopoly is...

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Will consumption save us?

Savings and the pandemic.... Disposable income (income after tax and benefits)...

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Money, money, money!

Look, there’s a new £50 note on the ground. There can’t be, replies the economist, or someone would...

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Tip-top Top Tips

Did I leave a tip last time I went to a restaurant? Well, yes, the table was pretty...

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Ooh Ah Just a Lidl Bit!

The song reference may go over your head if you’re a student rather than a teacher of a...

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Taxing times?

As this week’s budget nears, Chancellor Sunak seems to be preparing the country for tax increases – if...

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