Labour Markets

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30,000 plus print sales to date!

Labour Markets

Searchable digital version of Peter Cramp's outstanding Labour Markets text.  Buy alongside Robert Nutter's Micro Year 2 text for comprehensive coverage of all Micro Year 2 content.

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Searchable digital version of Peter Cramp’s outstanding Labour Markets text.  The six print editions of this book have accumulated more than 30,000 sales.  Buy alongside Robert Nutter’s Micro Year 2 text for comprehensive coverage of all Micro Year 2 content.

The book includes:

The supply of labour, The demand for labour, Wage determination in a competitive labour market, Wage differentials, The role of trade unions, The case of monopsony, Government intervention in labour markets, Unemployment and labour market imperfections, Government policy to influence productivity and labour mobility, The flexibility of the UK labour market, Ageing populations in developed countries, The distribution of income and wealth, Measurement of inequality: the Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient, Policy issues associate with poverty and inequality.

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