International Trade

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International Trade

Searchable digital book by Charles Smith covering all aspects of international trade for A level

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Searchable digital book by Charles Smith covering all aspects of international trade for A-level.

This searchable digital book covers:

What is international trade? Why does trade take place? What is happening to the UK balance of payments? How is trade affected by demand side policy? How is trade affected by supply side policy? Why are exchange rates important? Should Britain join the Euro? Globalisation: what is it? Globalisation: who needs it? What are the choices in trade policy? Free trade good, protectionism bad? Globalisation and inward investment: false friends? Why are some countries in debt? Why is trade better than aid? Industry and environment: market forces or government action? Why is everyone talking about China? The credit crunch and world recession: what happened? Where are we going? Recommended further reading, Index

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