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Theory of the firm free summary

Free graphic comparing different market structures

AQA style practice papers for 2023 – Paper 1 and Paper 2 set

Two practice papers and mark schemes each for Micro and Macro on via your "my downloads" button.


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AQA Topic Tracker Micro Paper 1

Topic tracker to see which topics have been examined when in the AQA exam straight to you via your "my downloads" button

Pay Scale – Labour markets introductory lesson

Sort the pay data for 24 different jobs into descending order.  Accompanying notes to highlight key teaching points. Straight to your "my downloads" section.


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Modelling the market for premier league football tickets

Kuba Williams


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Paper 1 Micro definitions

Detailed key definition sheet covering Y12 & Y13 Micro


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Sweet dreams

An ideal first lesson activity, focused on resource allocation.