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U can’t touch this! Song contest winner

Many congratulations to Richard Cavaye and his colleagues in the...

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Economics Today Photo Competition – Highly Commended – Duong – BVIS Hanoi

This is a photo of the Berlin Wall that...

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Prosperity beyond GDP

Year 11 student Arina (a student at another school, not the one I teach at) contacted me today...

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Can the UK afford the royal family?

Our friends Gavin and Pete from the outstanding podcast Economics in Ten have kindly shared this guest blog...

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Beware Economists!

BEWARE ECONOMISTS!  In these crazy ‘unprecedented’ covid-19 economic times, it is worth remembering the words of John...

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Ooh Ah Just a Lidl Bit!

The song reference may go over your head if you’re a student rather than a teacher of a...

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