Macroeconomics for A Level Year 1 – New in 2023-24

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Macroeconomics for A Level Year 1 – New in 2023-24

Everything you need for Year 12 Macroeconomics from Andrew Threadgould.


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This book covers everything students need to know for their Year 12 Macroeconomics courses.

It contains the following chapters:

Introduction: Introduction to the Macroeconomy, The circular flow of income

Section A: Macroeconomic Objectives – GDP and economic growth, Unemployment, Inflation, The balance of payments and exchange rates

Section B: Macroeconomic Models – Aggregate demand, Aggregate supply, Macroeconomic equilibrium

Section C: Macroeconomic Policy – Fiscal policy, Monetary policy, Supply-side policy

Printed in A4 format and in full colour the book runs to 64 pages including an index.