Economics Today – Past volume bundle

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One copy of each issue in the past 3 volumes of the outstanding ET!

Economics Today – Past volume bundle

A bundle of all of print copies of the issues in Volumes 28, 29 and 30 of our best selling applied Economics magazine


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Our best selling applied magazine is designed to have you “seeing Economics everywhere” with highly topical articles applying economic theory in context – all fully referenced.

There are too many topics covered in this print bundle of past volumes to list, but they include “Has behavioural economics had it’s day?”; “What should the government do about smoking and vaping?”; “The UK’s productivity puzzle”; Has the UK’s trend rate of growth declined?”; “An unhappy anniversary for the Monetary Policy Committee”; “Is the world deglobalising”; Is India on the right path to development?” and many, many more!

Click “look inside” to see a sample issue – this issue included “The brief rise and fall of Trussonomics” and was published less than a month after Liz Truss was forced from office as Prime Minister.  It also included an article of the economics of the World Cup in the same month that the tournament was held in Qatar.  One of of readers observed “Economics doesn’t get much more topical than this!”