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We look forward to continuing to help your students to “see Economics everywhere” through the new Volume 29!

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Examiner assessed exemplar answers used in over 500 schools

An exemplar answer to each and every current specification A-level question for AQA, Edexcel 'A' and OCR, covering two specimen series of papers and each exam series from June 2017 onwards. All answers awarded full marks or very close to it, accompanied by comments on exam technique.

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Teachers & Students love our resources

Our model answers.....exam tailored Anforme leading Economics Today It's all about helping teachers and their students succeed. We've got you covered!

“I have to say the colour coded Edexcel model answers are absolutely superb, and I also used your 2023 exam papers [on due topics] you created.

We had very strong results this year, and these resources were a factor in this.”

Head of Economics and Business

QEH Bristol

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“The exam papers on ‘due’ topics have been brilliant for the last two exam series.

Accurate, thought provoking and providing accurate guesses as to the likely content in the summer exam series.

Students have found the contemporary contexts stimulating and by covering a range of topics have helped them to be more thorough in their revision.

An incredibly useful resource, one of the most valuable items that we purchase.”

Amy Barrat

Bishop's Stortford College

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“Economics Today is a must read for anyone curious about the economy and the world”

Tim Harford

Multi-million selling "undercover economist", senior columnist at Financial Times, broadcaster

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“As an A level Economics teacher of over 30 years, Economics Factory’s resources remain crucial to the delivery of my A level teaching in this subject.  I extensively use the model answers which students find highly informative and add significant value to their own subsequent responses.   I cannot commend the resources highly enough to you.”


Paul Smith

Head of Economics, Oaklands School

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“Economics Today is essential reading for budding economists everywhere, offering the latest topical thinking from experts on key subjects in the A-level curriculum and beyond”

Stephen King

Senior Economic Adviser, HSBC

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“Thank you for your massive support – we were delighted with our results and if our students could thank you personally, they would!

All your resources are excellent, and we found the sample questions and answers particularly invaluable.”

Head of Economics


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My son is generally picky about what resources he uses, and has been critical about some of the other content I shared with him. So i was delighted to see a marked change in his attitude and response when he started using your answers and was very excited about them prompting lines of thought he hadn’t previously considered.
I am ever so grateful.


Parent of Y13 student

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The superb clarity of writing in Economics Factory’s AQA exemplar answers makes this an essential resource.  A definite welfare gain!

Head of Economics

Nottingham Free School

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Nikki Owen

Portsmouth College

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These exam packs are by the far the most useful revision source I’ve used. The quality of answers and the detailed commentary makes me confident that I could achieve a high grade in A Level Economics. Just wish I found them earlier. Thanks, Peter/Ella!


Year 13, London

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Hopkins Book Service


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I’ve just received my latest pack of model answers.  Many thanks to Peter Cramp for putting these together.

Would thoroughly recommend.  Suggested answer for every single question across all three papers AND written explanations for the multiple choice. These cover all questions on the current specification, including specimen papers. Invaluable!

Rob Stevenson

Head of Economics, GSAL

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“Fantastic resources and the model answers help students move from an A grade to an A*…brilliant!”

Louise Alderson

Principal Examiner, OCR

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We got our best results ever.  I know for a fact that our students used your resources religiously.

Head of Economics


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Fabulous, value for money resource…finely tuned to demands of the tweaked OCR spec – invaluable for exam technique and understanding the nuanced demands of a wide variety of question types.

David Williams

Head of Economics

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