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Our AQA, Edexcel and OCR  Economics packs include model answers to ALL parts of ALL questions from Specimen 1, Specimen 2, June 2017 and June 2018 and June 2019 series across ALL three papers

Gold packages offer an unlimited site licence and are fully editable.  Click on the gold button above or here to buy from our shop.



The packs also include four brand new challenging Economics A-level multiple choice sets written by myself, along with explanations of the answers.

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* Edexcel Economics model answer samples


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FROM PETER CRAMP                

Economics Factory Economics Model Answers

October 2020 AQA answers available [email protected]


Save time - a model answer for every current specification A level question!


Learn high quality chains of analysis and evaluative points. Master technique.


Transform performance - "Highest grades ever....students used your answers religiously"




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AQA Pack

We are pleased to offer the samples below as an indication of the superb quality of the resources in the AQA Economics Pack 2020






Meet Ella

Why buy?

The AQA Economics Pack 2020 offers a comprehensive set of model answers


The pack covers: ALL parts of ALL questions from the June 2017, June 2018, June 2019, Specimen 1 and Specimen 2 series


+ Explanations of the answers to all multiple choice questions for the above series


+ Four original 30 mark mutliple choice papers with explanations of the answers


All June 2019 answers, Paper 3 answers and multiple choice resources written by myself


Paper 1 & 2 responses up to June 2018 written by my wonderful student Ella  (she scored 156/160 on these papers in June 2017).


All answers earn full marks or very close and are accompanied by my comments on Ella's exam technique.

I met Ella as a Year 12 student in September 2015 and taught her A-levels in Economics and Government & Politics.  Ella's ability and work ethic clicked with my teaching style and subject expertise - two years later she had taken four A-level papers under my tuition, scoring 100% in three of them and dropping only four marks in the other. Like my other students, Ella tolerated my jokes and she always smiled whether they were funny or not!


When Ella took a gap year in 2017-2018, I was delighted that she agreed to join Economics Factory.  As well as to help with the technical side, which I am somewhat allergic to, I wanted her on board for her love of the subject and her ability consistently to produce top level answers.  She never missed a thing when she was in class and reading her answers is very much like reading my own.  I can vouch for the quality of her work and that all her answers are worth full marks or very close to it.  Each of Ella's Paper 1 and Paper 2 answers are accompanied by my commentary on her exam technique, identifying the many strengths as well as areas for potential further improvement.


A* Economics A-level student: 76/80 & 80/80 on Papers 1 & 2


Grade raising tutor of A level Economics to three students during her gap year (more fun than her job as a waitress!)


Reading PPE at Durham

Multiple Choice answers Multiple Choice 10 question sample Paper 1 June 2017 Context 1 Visit shop to buy AQA Pack 2020

To order the AQA Economics Pack 2020 with an invoice to your school, simply email [email protected]


Please state which version of the package you require.


Prices start at £85 for a "Just me" version.  The editable Gold Package at £195 is much less than a day's INSET and with a more direct impact on grades.  Prices of other packages reflect the number of users covered by your site licence.

Always have a model answer on hand to give to your students after homework.


Build exam technique with your students - super analysis, evalauation and application in answers, with commentary on technique


Test your students with multiple choice questions of an appropriate level of challenge.  There remains a severe shortage of these for the new A-level until the new exam has gone through several cycles.


The evidence that our resources directly boost grades - please see testimonials on our home page.


Cut down on lesson preparation time, especially during revision season.











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