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Our AQA and Edexcel  Economics packs include model answers to ALL parts of ALL questions from Specimen 1, Specimen 2, June 2017 and June 2018 and June 2019 series across ALL three papers

Gold packages offer an unlimited site licence and are fully editable.  Click on the gold button above or here to buy from our shop.



The packs also include four brand new challenging Economics A-level multiple choice sets written by myself, along with explanations of the answers.

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* Edexcel Economics model answer samples


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The AQA Economics Pack 2019 and Peter Cramp's best selling revision guides from Anforme are perfect complements.


Visit the Anforme website here to buy the revision guides and my other books on Labour Markets and Economic Development.




New AS revision guide New A2 revision guide Labour Mkt 6th Econ Dev

My other highly regarded books published by Anforme cover major parts of the new A-level specification and are each now in their sixth editions.


Labour Markets covers ALL the required labour market content of ALL of the major exam boards.  Labour markets are an important part of papers in Microeconomics, which could broadly be summarised as the economics of product and labour markets.  For example, on the AQA Paper 1, it would often be possible through question choice to tackle the whole exam on content that is fully covered in this book.


Economic Development is also an important part of the new linear specifications.  My Economic Development book is perhaps unique in offering an in depth treatment of this content just for A-level students, and has received excellent reviews.  It makes a major contribution by filling a gap in an area where there is a severe shortage of resources.