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Our AQA, Edexcel and OCR  Economics packs include model answers to ALL parts of ALL questions from Specimen 1, Specimen 2, June 2017 and June 2018 and June 2019 series across ALL three papers

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The packs also include four brand new challenging Economics A-level multiple choice sets written by myself, along with explanations of the answers.

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Economics Factory Economics Model Answers

October 2020 AQA answers available [email protected]


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Click on the images below for an original Paper 1 and Paper 2 written by Peter Cramp.


They were written before the Covid 19 outbreak, with questions reflecting topics that were "due for testing" based on tracking of the questions asked in previous exam seasons.


These resources are completely free of charge.  If you find them useful, I would very much appreciate your help in spreading the word about this website through social media.  For example, a tweet with a recommendation and a link to and tagging in @peter_cramp would be fantastic.  I am also keen to connect to teaching colleagues on


AQA Economics Paper 1 Micro AQA Economics Paper 2 Macro

AQA style papers






First Economics Lesson Activity

Click on the images above to access suggsted Economics first lessons for Year 12 Micro and Macro.  The "Title thief" could be adapted for Year 13 Macro too.  It can be made more challenging by adding in a larger range of graphs, or by not including the list of graph titles for students to match to graphs.  It can become very challenging indeed if axes labels are removed!

First Economics Lesson Activity

     Short run costs


Short run costs

Click on the image to the left to access a brilliant exercise for testing understanding of the theory of costs, along with a step by step guide to solving it.





Economies of scale at Wetherspoons

Click on the image to the right or here to access a fantastic case study on economies of scale in pubs and the brewing industry, taking the success of Wetherspoon as its focal point.


For a version with the answers to the questions filled in, click here.




    market failure


Covid vaccine

Click on the image to the left or here to access a great handout on market failure and government intervention in relation to Covid-19 vaccines.